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    photo by Sara E. Rose

Adoption Homecoming – Davis is Here!!!!!

In January I posted a blog about my dear friend, Rebecca, being on a journey to meet her son!  Yesterday, he arrived in Tennessee, and my heart could not be any happier!!  I’ve never cried so many happy tears in my life as I have in the last 24 hours!!  To know someone that wants and deserves to be a mama more than  anything and to finally see that happen right before your eyes is simply amazing!!!  Me and my friends, Wendy and Sara, were there to document the day, along with lots of friends and family who came to welcome them home and to see this little cutie that God placed in their arms!  Davis has the sweetest little spirit and handled the crowd and the attention better than I would ever expect from any toddler!!  It was simply amazing!!  I put together a little slideshow of the homecoming, but it’s too big to post on my blog!  Here’s a link to it if you’d like to see that:

Here’s just a few photos from the day!  Thank you all so much for the prayers offered on Rebecca and Scott’s behalf!  I know they felt them!!

Nashville Wedding Photographer – Marian & Keenen’s Downtown Nashville Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, I met up with Marian and Keenen on a beautiful (hello 65 in February), breezy evening for their engagement photos!  Even though Marian may or may not have been just a little bit terrified of having her picture made initially, I think you’ll agree that she eventually warmed up to the whole idea!  These two first bonded over a chemistry class, and there’s definitely no lack of it between them:)!!  I loved hanging out with them, and can’t wait for their July wedding!!

Nashville, TN Family Photographer – The Macaso Family

I couldn’t let much longer pass without sharing some photos from the fall of one of my favorite families!!  I’ve known Rachel forever, and I just love this family!!  These girls are a total hoot, and their giggles are definitely contagious!!  We did these in November, and I haven’t seen them since then I don’t think so I’m sure they’ve grown inches since then as they seem to between every visit!!  The colors in these photos definitely remind me why I love fall so much!  In the midst of it, it’s often incredibly busy for me, and sometimes I lose sight of just how gorgeous everything is before we fade into winter!  On a gray, dreary day like today, I could definitely use a little punch of these colors!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Lebanon, TN Wedding Photographer – Legacy Farms Wedding – Seth & Kayla

As promised last week, Seth & Kayla’s gorgeous wedding is up next!!!  Seth & Kayla were married this fall at the beautiful Legacy Farms in my own hometown of Lebanon, TN!!  It turned out to be a chillier than normal evening, but you would never know it looking at these two!!    And, yes, Kayla is an Amy Adams look alike:)! Not a bad problem to have for sure!!  She absolutely glowed as a bride!!  The love between Seth & Kayla is so evident, and I loved being a small part of their Legacy Farms wedding!!

Special thanks to the Legacy Farms staff and the other people  that made their day flow smoothly!!

Florist:  Enchanted Florist

DJ:  JD’s Music

Catering:  A Catered Affair

Bride’s Attire:  White Room

Second Shooter / Assistant:  Rebecca Walker



Lebanon, TN Photographer – Adoption & My Friends

My amazing friend, Rebecca, that I mention so often on my blog, is on the journey of a lifetime right now!  As I type this, she is en route to meet her son in South Korea for the very first time.  When I think about it, my emotions completely overwhelm ME, so I can’t even imagine how she and her husband must be feeling right this moment.  The range of emotions that they will experience in the next 36 hours are unimaginable to me, but I know one thing, I know that she’s going to experience love like never before when she meets her precious boy for the first time.  I also know that she’s going to cry lots of happy tears, but wouldn’t we all?!  I’m about to cry them just thinking about it all!!!

A little back story…Rebecca and I grew up in the same small town, and while her older sister and I were acquaintances, I never knew her.  We connected at a photography workshop 4 years ago, but really became friends the following year when we traveled to a workshop in Charlotte, NC and spent almost an entire week in a hotel room together.  Since then, we’ve been to California together, a few short excursions, shot multiple weddings together, and she’s truly become one of my closest friends, and often the voice of reason when my own brain just won’t function properly!  I’m SO SO thankful for her friendship.  It’s been such a blessing to have friends that are photographers that understand the struggles that we all face and also to celebrate the highs together!!

When she told me just before Christmas in 2012 that she and Scott were going to pursue adoption, I was so thrilled for her!  Even though I didn’t know how it would all play out, and figured there could be bumps along the way, I knew one thing, and that was that she would be a mama, and hopefully it wouldn’t take too long!  I remember the day she told me that her agency was sending her information on a baby boy in Korea and so many milestones leading up to today.  Today, they are actually on the way!!!!  I cannot wait to see him in her arms!!!  Keep them in your prayers friends!  They will meet their baby boy this week, but they will have to come home without him.  I know it will be a trying few weeks that will likely seem like an eternity!  And please pray that those weeks are few and that they get the all clear to return to South Korea in less time than they thought possible to bring their boy home!!

Since making the decision to adopt, I’ve gotten to photograph she and Scott a couple of times.  The first was early last year for photos for the adoption book, and the second time was the week before they moved out of their home.  I’ve never shared more than an image or two from these, and figured today was the perfect day to do so!!!  They are such a beautiful couple, and will be AMAZING parents!!!