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    Hi!! Thank you SO much for visiting my blog!!! I try, as often as I can, to post glimpses into recent sessions, weddings, and personal ramblings (or photos of these two kiddos of mine) when the mood strikes :)!! So grab your drink of choice, settle in for a bit and click around til your heart is content! If I can help you in anyway, get in touch! I'd love to chat!

    photo by Sara E. Rose

Ashley & Scotty were married this past weekend at The Cordelle, an amazing new Nashville event venue.  It was my first time to shoot there, and I was thoroughly impressed!  It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern, and a photographer’s dream!  The couple had planned for an outdoor evening ceremony on the side lawn of The Cordelle, however Mother Nature didn’t quite get the memo and poured rain on and off all day.  Their team pulled together and moved everything inside the venue, and even though it may not have been what they had planned, it was beautiful and absolutely perfect!  I was thankful for small pockets of dry weather that allowed us to dash outside for photos a few times!  The first time I met with these two, Scotty quickly told me that he really isn’t a fan of photos, but let’s be honest, the majority of guys aren’t!  I think you can tell that once we got going, and he laid eyes on his stunning bride, it got a lot easier!  I always say that I just need the groom to be all about his bride, and the rest will fall into place!!!  Thank you guys for trusting me to capture this important day, and enjoy your preview!!

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Special Thanks to all of the fabulous vendors that made this day possible!!

Venue:  The Cordelle

Event Planner:  Hugh Howser

Florist:  Phillipe S Chadwick Floral Design

Cakes:  Maggie Hamm

Band:  Band 24/7

Invitations, Programs and Signage:  You’re Invited

Second Shooter:  Rebecca Walker

I finally met up with Leighanne & Christian last week for their engagement session on a beautiful evening in downtown Nashville!  We had to postpone their originally scheduled date due to rain, so I was giddy when our reschedule resulted in an amazing sunset!  We started their session walking around 1st & 2nd avenue, and threw in some shots on the pedestrian bridge.  I loved chatting with them about how they met downtown last year and how things have changed since then!  They’re busy planning their wedding for next fall in Florida, which I’m sure will be beautiful!!  Leighanne had mentioned in an email that toward the end of their shoot, they had gotten access to a rooftop deck that would have L&C tower in the background.  I won’t lie, I had a TOTAL blonde moment, just and thought, yeah, that will be cool!  THEN, later it hit me that their initials are L&C!!  Ahh!!  Sometimes it takes me a minute folks :)!  It was way more than cool!!  There’s something about seeing the city from that angle, and as it just begins to light up for the night that feels magic almost!  Then, add in a gorgeous, fun, couple, and it definitely is magic!!  I loved meeting you guys and I’m so happy to have captured this exciting time for you!!  Enjoy this sneak peek from their session!


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    James and I wanted to know a little more about taking engagement pictures with you. Please let us know if there are any packages available and related costs. Our wedding it is NOT in the USA, so we are looking just for engagement pictures specifically.


When one of my client friends called me to do a session of her two little girls in their sunflowers, I asked if I could bring Claire along.  When we finished up with their photos, she jumped in the sunflowers for a few photos as well.  She’s super shy and often gets easily irritated with me when I try to take pictures of her if anyone else is around.  If it’s just the two of us, she’s completely fine, but add someone else looking at her and it’s a different story!  Thankfully, on this day, those other people brought out some laughs when all she wanted to give me were smirks.  I’m actually completely in love with her serious faces in these and thankful for the perfect mix of expressions.  Gah, if I could just freeze time and keep her at this sweet, innocent, but completely full of life and fun stage!!!

dress:  Pippy Lou

tieback:  Sew Whimsey



So, it’s been a minute or two since I last blogged!!  I mentioned a few posts back that early in July, I was able to attend Jasmine Star’s workshop in Atlanta, GA.  I had been wanting to attend one of her workshops for years, but traveling to the West Coast is a lot more difficult than traveling a few hours south!  As soon as I saw the email announcement that she was coming to Atlanta, I signed up without a second thought!  As the time drew near, I panicked a bit about going without my friend and partner in crime, Rebecca Walker, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be sorry!  In a last minute decision, my mom and kids ended up traveling with me and we made a little mini vacation out of it!  We visited the Coca-Cola Museum the day before the workshop and the Georgia Aquarium the day after!  All of that fun, plus meeting Jasmine, JD, and 20 other amazing photographers made it the best few days I’ve ever spent in Atlanta!

In true Hotlanta style, the day of the workshop was a scorcher!  Lucky for us, the workshop was held in the gorgeous DeKalb History Center!  It has beautiful light and stunning architecture, so we were able to start our shoot inside so our poor models didn’t melt too quickly!  Jasmine was wonderful at describing how she poses couples, while making them feel comfortable, and also creating movement and emotion in the images!

nashville-wedding-photographer-jasmine-star-workshop-001Our models, Michael and Kelly, are a real life couple and absolutely adorable together!  Can we talk about this stunning dress from Winnie Couture?!  Blew me away!!



After shooting inside for a bit, we ventured out into the sun and the heat for a bit.  We talked all about natural reflectors, creating beautiful images even in the brightest part of the day, and Jasmine & JD did a little demonstration too, and I couldn’t resist snapping their photo as well!


As you can see, nothing about the workshop disappointed!  The styling was amazing, the couple perfection, and Jasmine and JD were for real open books.  They shared openly and honestly and made everyone feel completely comfortable.  It was a great experience, and one I would highly recommend!!  You can see Jasmine’s post about the workshop here!

Extra Special thanks to Jasmine & JD and to all of the fabulous vendors that made it possible:

Venue:  DeKalb History Center
Florals:  Creme De Le Chic
Makeup:  Sarai Trammell
Hair:  Alicia Igess
Wedding Dress:  Winnie Couture
Models:  Michael and Kelly Lane